We’re introducing a revolutionary new range of fabrics that are more ecologically responsible without compromising on quality.

It’s called Bretta and this is what makes it better:
We’ve reduced the amount of virgin polymer by at least 40% and the polyester yarn used is made with at least 30% post-consumer waste recycled material. (This offers the added
benefit of ensuring that less domestic and commercial plastic waste ends up as landfill).

We’ve also maintained the quality of the finished printed product by employing a tighter knit and revised structure in our Bretta range.

You really won’t be able to spot the difference in quality from our other best-selling products.

In addition, no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, so all the water and gasses can be released back into the environment without the need for any cleaning or treatment.

Better still, with Bretta you won’t pay a price for making the more environmentally responsible choice. You’ll find costs are comparable with the print fabrics you currently use.

Finally, to help offset the CO2 emitted from the production of the Bretta range, we’ve joined a “Every Tree Counts” reforestation programme at the site of manufacture in

So with Bretta, everyone wins.

It’s better for your customers, your bottom line and most importantly the environment.

For further details or to obtain samples telephone: 01494 760 240 or email sales@dpm.com.

Up to 50% less virgin polymer

Zero harmful chemicals or poisons

At least 30% recycled material

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