We are Digital Print Media​

With over 1,000 products in stock at any time and with many years combined experience, we are the experts in print materials that you can rely on, whatever your requirements.

We specialise in the development, conversion and supply of print materials, ranging from paper to floor coverings for all forms of print production.

With a focus on innovation we are dedicated to only developing and supplying the most sustainable products.

Working with our extensive, long-standing European supplier base, we are pushing technical boundaries in the development of dye sublimation, UV and Latex technical textiles to create unique, cutting-edge products of the highest quality, for our clients right across the large format print industry.

We are committed to the needs of our customers, investing the time to listen to their requirements and in doing so, we are proud to say that we have many clients with whom we have forged long term strategic relationships. 

Whatever your challenge, DPM always delivers.

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DPM Warehouse



We are constantly looking to deliver new materials and mediums that offer a raft of benefits for our clients in all areas from output quality to waste management.

We invest a large proportion of our time seeking to develop our products to deliver incremental improvements, focusing on everything from coatings, material conversion options to stock management.

In recognition of our commitment to innovation, many suppliers work with us exclusively to bring new products to market, for example we are the sole UK distributor for George+Otto.

By choosing DPM, you can be confident that as the large format print market develops and diversifies, we have the agility and knowledge to help you deliver real added-value to your customers.

Our people make the difference

Meet the Crew

We’re proud to have assembled a team with unrivalled industry experience and technical knowledge.

We’ve got specialists in a number of fields, all of whom are happy to help you with any question you may have.

Put us to the test, we enjoy a challenge!

Rob Williams 
Managing Director 

Our resident materials and finishes expert. Spends most of his time working with our innovations team, leading our drive to maximise sustainability while minimising our environmental impact.

Likes: Golf, Thursday night Tennis, old Land Rovers (when they’re working) and Chelsea FC winning

Dislikes: Chelsea losing (and he really dislikes that…)

David Williams
Director, Operations 

With 21 years under his belt at DPM, David focuses on purchasing and client servicing and is DPM’s very own problem-solver and trouble-shooter!

Out of the office you’ll find David on the golf course, in the garden or rustling up something in the kitchen.  Failing that he’ll be following the fortunes of Leicester Tigers.

Likes: Golf, rugby and Scotland

Dislikes: Football

David Bearman                          Sales Director

With huge experience of the market, materials and processes, David is ideally placed to lead our client service team and deliver critical customer advice and support – when it matters most.

Likes: Playing golf well

Dislikes: Playing golf badly


Hugo Robins

Our Polish-speaking Financial controller is also a keen cyclist. Hugo looks after the books, VAT, payroll and all. Lucky boy.

Likes: Camden, Polish cuisine

Dislikes: The commute (Camden to Stokenchurch is a long way on the bike…)  

Marie Welsh 
Sales Co-ordination 

Has been with DPM for 17 years and having previously worked at Sanderson Fabrics she has a deep understanding of the sector and is well placed to provide office back up to our Sales Force. Marie re-located with the company in 2016 and moved to the Oxfordshire countryside.  

Likes:  Yoga, dogs, travelling

Dislikes: Marzipan, cold weather, spiders

Sarah Aylward 

Keeping our suppliers on their toes Sarah makes sure that everything runs like clockwork for our clients.

Likes: Horse riding, early British history and spicy food

Dislikes: Bland food and bland conversation

Kelly Clayton Sales, Marketing and Warehouse Manager

Joined DPM in 2018, Print Industry from being in Commercial Insurance for 21 years. Print is much more exciting than Insurance…

Responsible for Sales, Marketing and Manages the Warehouse.

Likes: Photography, baking, gardening and bees (she has her own hive at home)

Dislikes: Inconsiderate drivers that stop at roundabouts  

James Polean
Warehouse Foreman 

Runs a tight ship and spends a lot of time working on refining  processes downstairs to keep everything running smoothly for our customers.

Likes: Mince pies with Baileys cream, Chelsea FC and cold beans

Dislikes: Sprouts, Arsenal and Tottenham

Stuart Oldfield
Warehouse Operative 

Is our second in command in the Warehouse. With DPM for over 3 years and has a fantastic memory for 1,000 plus products.

Likes: Music and his daily broccoli and smoothie

Dislikes: Social media and useless technology

Godaffy Revelino Roethof
Warehouse Operative, Frame & Lightbox Engineer

Known as G Man and is our resident frame & lightbox engineer.

Likes: Travelling, french fries with most meals, HOT chilli sauce , collecting trainers and movies

Dislikes: G is too easy going to dislike anything (good answer)

Mark Watson                    Warehouse Operative

Is always on hand to help anybody in the warehouse and often subs as a Driver. He is always upbeat and keeps the team positive.

Likes: Chelsea FC, ice skating, fishing and playing golf. Not forgetting a good flaming hot chicken baguette

Dislikes: Cucumber (yes really)

Santha Omalpage
Warehouse Operative

One of DPM’s most versatile staff members. If he is not using one of our forklift trucks, he is putting things away and prides himself in a tidy work space for the entire warehouse to easily navigate around. 

Likes: Man United, chicken pie, tennis and cricket (especially when Sri Lanka are playing)

Dislikes: Man City and Chelsea FC

Artur Kula

Known as Jabba. When he is not driving, doing deliveries, he is our expert conversion specialist. Jabs is the Warehouse Barista keeping the team hydrated with coffee and tea.

Likes: Fashion, travel and commercial photography

Dislikes: Football

Jonny Gardiner                          Driver

Mainstay of our delivery and logistics team, Jonny is from “kicking Kernow” and proud of it. 

Likes: Wasps (the rugby team not the insect), red wine and good comedy

Dislikes: Driving in the rain

Charlie and Tillie
Team mascots

Responsibility for keeping the crew’s morale up is all down to these two. 

Likes: Walks, whatever’s been dropped on the kitchen floor and naps

Dislikes: Baths and Ian the Postman

Our Partners

Quality counts.

At DPM we believe in only sourcing and supplying the highest quality products. 

If we can’t find it we develop it. We’ve worked for decades with a range of carefully selected European partners who have an unrivalled reputation in their field who also share our ethos and desire to deliver the very best.

Frieze Frames logo

Frieze Frames

Designed and manufactured here in the UK, Frieze Frame is a superb, high quality, lightweight aluminium fabric tension framing system.

Delivering a sophisticated, high-end look and feel to your displays, Frieze Frame also offers unbeatable value for money being completely reusable and recyclable.

G+O Logo New

Georg+Otto Friedrich

Founded in 1950 and based close to Frankfurt, Georg+Otto Friedrich have developed from a supplier of fabric to the garment and automotive industries into one of Europe’s leading producers of high strength warp-knitted technical fabrics.

Focused on innovation and sustainability, latest developments include unique Inktex coatings for unrivalled quality and consistency of finish.

Ritrama global


A family-run Italian company with a global reach, Ritrama develops and manufactures self-adhesive materials.

Across a range of applications Ritrama delivers to the most exacting technical and environmental standards.

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